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APEDA has undertaken a Programme for Agro food cluster for export promotion and had identified potential clusters and products based on the export potential. APEDA is planning to carry out a number of Farmer Connect initiatives in these clusters partnering State Governments, Exporters, Experts, etc., as well through a number of direct interventions.

Farmer connect is an initiative undertaken by APEDA to provide a 24X7 Online visibility digital platform in the form of a portal and mobile application. It will help to bridge the gap between FPO/FPC/Cooperatives and exporters. FPO/FPC/Cooperatives can make their profiles and post sell offers. Exporters can post enquiries and view Matching Sell offers.

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Fruits and Vegetable Seeds ( Variety : FRESH GINGER & DRY GINGER )

Expires on 28/07/2023

Fruits and Vegetable Seeds ( Variety : HIMACHAL & REGODI FRESH GINGER )

Expires on 28/06/2023

Banana Fresh ( Variety : G9)

Expires on 21/01/2026
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Cinque Terre
Expires on 30/09/2023

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